The Green Barn – March Updates!

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Who knows about Cushing’s Syndrome?

I do now!

There are many horse-related issues that I have had tons of experience with, but no one can be an expert on all… however I quickly become a “self-proclaimed” expert when one of our horses here at the Green Barn comes down with a problem.  … Continue Reading

Welcome “Buddy” and “Lucy Lui” to the Green Barn!

The cat is out of the bag!!!

The beautiful warmblood sweethearts arrived at the Green Barn last week.  They hail from Des Moines, Iowa and had a very long trip to make!  The trip was top-secret however, as owner Alex had NO idea they were arriving a week early!… Continue Reading

Welcome “Mister Big Stuff” to the Green Barn!

New ponies!  YAY!

We always love meeting new friends at the Green Barn!  Mister Big Stuff is a 14 year old Arabian who arrived at the Green Barn just a week ago.  We all know I LOOOOOOOVE Arabs!!  (ahem, Serenade!)  His owner Kathleen enjoys showing Mister at local Saddleseat shows.  … Continue Reading

The Green Barn – February Updates!

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Timmy Update! (It’s a good one!)

Do you remember when Timmy looked like this?

I do… and it hurts my heart to remember.  However, after 4 months and countless physical examinations, steroid shots, farrier care, power pack de-worming, blood work and assorted tests, treatment for skin infections and Cushing’s Disease, dentistry, hours and hours of love and grooming, a nutrition specialist and about 50,000 lbs of food (exaggerating… but not much!)… … Continue Reading

Welcome “Gruezi” to the Green Barn!

This past week at the Green Barn we made a new friend… a breathtakingly GORGEOUS new friend, may I add…

This is Gruezi (pronounced – “GREW-IT-SEE” <– at least that’s what I think!).  He is a 12-year old Oldenburg gelding with impeccable manners – and that’s a GREAT thing, since he’s also 17.1 hh!!  … Continue Reading

The Green Barn – January Updates!

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2nd Annual Green Barn Christmas Celebration!

This past weekend, we hosted our 2nd Annual Green Barn Christmas Celebration!  A wonderful time was had by all!!!

Although the delicious food and desserts were all a HUGE hit, the star of the show was, by far, my homemade “Chicken Nookle Soup.”… Continue Reading

The Green Barn’s Christmas Ponies – 2011

Each year, for my boarder’s Christmas gifts, I feel the need to risk my life and getting trampled for the perfect shot!  Thankfully, this year only 1 horse had a meltdown and the rest were pure entertainment!

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The Green Barn – December Updates!

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I’m thankful…

…for Timmy.  Here’s his story.

This is Timmy.  It’s so hard to tell what a horse’s circumstances have been throughout their life, it’s not like they can tell you in words!!  …but a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures speak VOLUMES.  … Continue Reading

What the heck is hacking out?

I love this phrase… but even more, I love this explanation from the Literary Horse

“I find there are usually two responses to this phrase, depending on the frame of mind of the rider who says it. If said pleasantly after a nice ride: I’m going to hack out my horse tomorrow, the listener is most likely to be puzzled, if a bit anxious.… Continue Reading

Can you tell me what’s different?

…between these two videos? Hint, it’s not that we’re in a different house! LOL!

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I thought we were in the south?

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I was always told “it’s time for the birds to fly south” as we would watch groups of birds fly in synchronous beauty!  But now I live in the south… so what’s up with our birds?  … Continue Reading