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You might remember a post I wrote several months ago regarding the benefits of Equine Sports Massage Therapy.  Well… benefits there are!! Several months ago a few of our horses had their first sessions, and we are seeing vast improvements in flexibility and behavior.… Continue Reading

Anyone who’s ever perused the “horse treatment” aisle knows that although there is a fortune to be made in this industry, almost every ailment listed on those bottles can be soothed with a handful of common household items.

At the Green Barn, we always try to go the most natural route possible, and so therefore I am ALL OVER home remedies, especially when it comes to treating horses for all the crazy things they need treatment for…

In another fantastic article from, home remedies for treating wounds, cleaning your tack, protecting your horse’s coat, and caring for his hooves and teeth are listed… a must-read!

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Although The Green Barn prides itself on natural and holistic horse care, the mantra is EVERYTHING IN BALANCE.  We firmly believe in allowing our horses to enjoy their natural habitat as much as possible, although recognize that many of them require an extra layer of blanketing on cold winter nights and a warm, fluffy bed of pine shavings.  … Continue Reading