Equestrian Competition

Horse lungs are no joke…

My apologies in advance if this post offends anyone… but my experience in the horse world AND the science world is that us horse-gals and guys have pretty much seen the worst of the worst, and so for the sake of knowledge – read on.… Continue Reading

Welcome “Lucy & Archie” and Mary Kate to the Green Barn!

Now I truly love ALL horses… but sometimes you come across one… or two… that makes you take a second look…

Dying of cuteness overload!!!!!  Welcome “Lucy and Archie” and owner Mary Kate to the Green Barn!!!  Mary Kate imported her 2 adorable Thai Ponies when she moved back to the states to go to college after years of riding professionally overseas.  … Continue Reading

Seton Hill University Equestrian Team (my alma mater!)

I was looking through pictures the other day and had to stop and smile when I saw these:

I was a proud member and officer of the Seton Hill University Equestrian Team during my years there (1999-2002)!  Yikes, did I just date myself?  … Continue Reading

Pat’s babies – THE WINNERS! (I’m not surprised!)

The Irish Draught Horse Society‘s annual show was held this past September 13-15, 2012 in La Grange, KY.  Of course, our prized Remmy (Rivendell’s Rembrandt) and Ruby (Rivendell’s Royal Red Ruby) were there in all their glory!  Congratulations to Pat and her babies for cleaning house!  … Continue Reading

USEF says YES to helmets!

Helmets are of the utmost importance… and major kudos to the USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) for recently amending the rule regarding helmets – effective March 1, 2011, helmets will be required for all dressage riders in national level competition.

The rider mentioned in the above article, Courtney King, suffered a fractured skull when a young horse she was schooling slipped and fell this past March.

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Congratulations “Toto!”

This just in:

Superstar stallion “Moorlands Totilas” is a daddy!  The first foal to this champion was born just this past Sunday.

“Moorlands Guinevere” is a beautiful bay filly.  Congrats to Toto, Moorlands Stables and very busy mommy – “Moorlands Sajouti.”

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Have you met “Moorlands Totilas?”

Moorlands Totilas (nicknamed “Toto”) is a 10-year-old black Dutch Warmblood stallion, who many people are calling the horse of the century.

Wonder why?  Look at him!

Toto won all 3 Gold medals in the World Equestrian Games, the first horse ever to do so.

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Who likes to clean their tack?

We do, we do!

Actually, as you can see from the look on Eliza’s face, it may not be the MOST fun thing she’s ever done, but it is definitely a necessity!  Yesterday, Eliza and I spent a good 2 hours soaping and scrubbing…

Though tiring, the feeling of accomplishment afterwards and enjoying clean tack is great!

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Today’s the day!

The WEG starts today!!

Held every 4 years, the World Equestrian Games (WEG) is the ultimate in equestrian competition.  Combining the disciplines of jumpingdressageeventingdrivingendurance and vaulting all in one place, the 2010 Games are being held for the very first time on US soil.  

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