Horse lungs are no joke…

My apologies in advance if this post offends anyone… but my experience in the horse world AND the science world is that us horse-gals and guys have pretty much seen the worst of the worst, and so for the sake of knowledge – read on.… Continue Reading

Equine Dentistry – Do horse teeth actually float?

LOL.  I couldn’t help myself.  The answer is who knows?  :)  When we, in the horse world, talk about “teeth floating,” we don’t mean on top of water…

Horse teeth are VERY different from human teeth.  First and foremost, they grow – continually.   … Continue Reading

Why Vaccinate?

At the Green Barn, we definitely try to be as “green” as possible.  It is our belief that horses, like humans, perform best in their natural habitats, with excellent nutrition and health care. We are so thankful for our incredible vet, Dr.… Continue Reading

Evie’s Misfortune… with a Happy Ending!

I was called in for help last month in rehabbing a sweet babe named Evie who found herself in a heap of trouble when she chowed down on a bunch of leaves from a Red Maple tree.

It’s such an odd thing – this toxicity – it’s well known to most horse owners that Red Maple leaves are toxic, but no one really knows why… and the other weird thing is that the leaves aren’t toxic if ingested while live, it’s when the leaves fall off the tree and wilt that they become dangerous…??… Continue Reading

Timmy… we’ll love you and miss you always… xo

It’s a sad day at the Green Barn… but when i’m sad it always helps me to remember to have GRATITUDE.

Today, I have gratitude for the amazing, nearly 2 whole years we got to spend with our beloved Timmy.  When he was rescued, I honestly didn’t know if he’d make it until the morning……..… Continue Reading

Trypzyme for proud flesh

Don’t be proud of proud flesh!  It’s not a good thing!

Proud flesh is an excess growth of granulated tissue that can grow over a very deep, open wound.  Since the tissue is necrotic, the horse doesn’t feel pain even though the growth is pretty nasty looking… but it must be addressed as it will keep growing and growing and attacking the healthy tissue around it.  … Continue Reading

Obsessed with Abscesses?

What would you think if your horse goes from completely fine to completely 3-legged overnight?  Would you panic?  Read on…

A hoof abscess occurs when a point of entry (like a stone bruise, etc) gets infected and fills with puss.  The pressure builds inside the hoof and the horse ultimately goes lame.  … Continue Reading

Welcome “Aladdin” and the Lord Family to the Green Barn!


Did somebody say “this horse needs rescued?”  Less than a month ago I heard these words…

Meet “001 – Bay Gelding.”  He was awaiting a tragic end to his life in a kill shelter in Pennsylvania.… Continue Reading

Annoying skin condition #1 – SCRATCHES

One of THE most difficult conditions to treat, in my opinion, is scratches.  Known also as dew poisoning, muck itch, pastern dermatitis, cracked heal, greasy heal, and probably a bunch of other names I haven’t even heard of – bottom line – it’s annoying, chronic (comes back over and over), and progressive (gets waaay worse without treatment!) – o yes, and it really HURTS them!  … Continue Reading

Cellulitis = No fun.

Cellulitis can occur in horses just like in humans, when there is a small, superficial wound that gets infected.  The infection is usually centralized near the wound, but unfortunately sometimes it goes unnoticed until there is a significant amount of swelling and pain.  … Continue Reading

Anhidrosis – Know the signs!

Although it’s been a gorgeous 80 degrees and sunny this past week, we ALL know the hot, muggy summer is forthcoming……….

Anhidrosis in horses is a VERY dangerous problem.  Anhidrosis refers to a condition when horses are unable to sweat.  Although it is more common in Florida and other extremely hot and humid parts of the country, any horse, at any time, can develop anhidrosis, and it’s EXTREMELY important that we learn to quickly recognize the signs.  … Continue Reading

Our Veterinarian featured on Nashville News 2!

Yesterday’s Nashville News 2 @ 5pm featured a segment on our very own favorite vet, Dr. Marc Smith of Natchez Trace Veterinary Services.

Dr. Marc has been servicing the horses at the Green Barn since we opened, and has been my personal vet for my dogs, cats AND horses for years prior to that out of his Franklin location – which happens to be a mere 5 minutes up the road from our barn.  … Continue Reading

Aaaaaaachoooo!!!!! (Horse allergies?)

Yes everyone, horses can have allergies too. Especially in MIDDLE TENNESSEE – the allergy capital of the world!

I think we’ve all probably experienced the occasional horse that breaks out in hives or has runny eyes or a (clear) runny nose once in a awhile (ahem… AIDAN!).… Continue Reading

Who knows about Cushing’s Syndrome?

I do now!

There are many horse-related issues that I have had tons of experience with, but no one can be an expert on all… however I quickly become a “self-proclaimed” expert when one of our horses here at the Green Barn comes down with a problem.  … Continue Reading

I’m thankful…

…for Timmy.  Here’s his story.

This is Timmy.  It’s so hard to tell what a horse’s circumstances have been throughout their life, it’s not like they can tell you in words!!  …but a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures speak VOLUMES.  … Continue Reading