Understanding Horses

Horse lungs are no joke…

My apologies in advance if this post offends anyone… but my experience in the horse world AND the science world is that us horse-gals and guys have pretty much seen the worst of the worst, and so for the sake of knowledge – read on.… Continue Reading

Welcome “Lucy & Archie” and Mary Kate to the Green Barn!

Now I truly love ALL horses… but sometimes you come across one… or two… that makes you take a second look…

Dying of cuteness overload!!!!!  Welcome “Lucy and Archie” and owner Mary Kate to the Green Barn!!!  Mary Kate imported her 2 adorable Thai Ponies when she moved back to the states to go to college after years of riding professionally overseas.  … Continue Reading

Snapshots of Summer 2013

Who is anxiously awaiting SUMMER OF 2014??  I am!!! In the meantime, here are some highlights from last summer!!

 A new pony for Gillette! -Welcome “Summer Rayne”

Every little girl’s dream… too cute for words :) Maddie (and Audrey’s – not pictured) first pony!Continue Reading

Welcome “Sham” to the Green Barn!

A few weeks ago the Green Barn welcomed 2 more newbies!  “Sham,” whose registered name is “CHAMPAGNE FLIGHT” and his momma Caroline – Welcome to you both!!

Sham is a “National Showhorse” (Arab/Saddlebred cross) — meaning if you put Serenade and Aidan together — voila!!!  … Continue Reading

What’s a ration balancer?

There’s a (fairly) new and exciting product on the market for horse owners – ration balancers.

A ration balancer is pretty much what it sounds like, a balancer to a horse’s ration (diet).  In an earlier blog about nutrition, I outlined that horses’ bodies are made to live on grass/hay and water alone – not the commercial grains that we all know they LOVE (just listen to all the squealing and nickering during feeding time!)  … Continue Reading

Absolutely crazy, hilarious geldings!

Sometime there just aren’t words… I love horses :) They always know how to make me laugh!

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Welcome “Prize Moon Jet” to the Green Barn!

About a week ago, a beauty named “Prize Moon Jet” graced our presence here at the Green Barn.

“Moon” as she prefers to be called, is a 16 y.o. Paint mare with one of the prettiest heads i’ve ever seen!  She is sooo sweet, and it’s been my pleasure getting to know her!  … Continue Reading

Anhidrosis – Know the signs!

Although it’s been a gorgeous 80 degrees and sunny this past week, we ALL know the hot, muggy summer is forthcoming……….

Anhidrosis in horses is a VERY dangerous problem.  Anhidrosis refers to a condition when horses are unable to sweat.  Although it is more common in Florida and other extremely hot and humid parts of the country, any horse, at any time, can develop anhidrosis, and it’s EXTREMELY important that we learn to quickly recognize the signs.  … Continue Reading

A worthy cause…

Check out the following video for information regarding Equine Assisted Therapy in St. Louis, MO.  Our sweet Aidan’s St. Louis family (Robin and Dave Bair) recently donated their beloved “Hero” to the program and asked me to pass along this info… and of course, i’m always willing to aid a worthy cause!!!… Continue Reading

Don’t choke!

Choke is a condition that can occur in horses when feed or hay gets stuck somewhere in their esophageal tract.  Unlike choking in humans when the airway is blocked, choke in horses is usually not a life-threatening condition.  The horse is able to breathe, just not swallow.  … Continue Reading

Dealing with the summer heat…

I’m sure everyone will agree that this summer has one thing going for it.  It’s really HOT.

Although horses’ bodies are conditioned to live outside 24/7, in extreme cases of heat we need to be a bit more mindful of the signs of a horse suffering from heat exhaustion, or worse, heat stroke.  … Continue Reading

Grooming do’s and don’ts!! (and a few NEVERS)

Grooming is the first and most basic of the tasks a new horse lover needs to learn.  Although it seems pretty straight-forward, brush the dirt off, pick the hooves out, comb the hair… there are some do’s, don’ts (and a few NEVERS) to be mindful of.… Continue Reading

Stop… breathe… and enjoy :)

You might remember a post I wrote last week, half-joking while airing my dirty laundry about not being in the best mood and feeling quite overwhelmed… basically just having “one of those days,” or in my case, one of those weeks!… Continue Reading

I need to take a lesson…

…from Mozart Ozark.  In the following video, Ozark, a 28 year old Thoroughbred at the Green Barn, teaches me about the joys of relaxing in the sun :)

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Equine Sports Massage Therapy… Part #2

You might remember a post I wrote several months ago regarding the benefits of Equine Sports Massage Therapy.  Well… benefits there are!! Several months ago a few of our horses had their first sessions, and we are seeing vast improvements in flexibility and behavior.… Continue Reading