Understanding Horses

The most annoying sound in the world…

…has got to be a cribbing horse.

You walk into the barn, and you’re greeted by the comforting sweet smell of hay and the warmth of the horses’ bodies all tucked in their stalls… the quiet calm of happy ponies munching their dinners… and then…

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Welcome “Raker” to the Green Barn!

Last week, this precious boy arrived at the Green Barn!

“Moneypenny’s Moonraker,” or “Raker” as he prefers to be called, is an 11 year old Anglo-Arabian (part Arabian, part Thoroughbred) gelding, who is relishing in our “Every Day at the Spa” stall package.  … Continue Reading

What to do, what to do… with a spooky horse

You’re riding along and all is well… until all of a sudden your horse literally jumps out from under you.  Or maybe you’re in mid-working ride and your horse is wound as tight as a spring; you just KNOW he’s about to explode any second… been there?  … Continue Reading

Why do horses kick?

In the past, I might have said – WHO CARES why they kick?! Just stay out of the way of the flying hoof!  (Easier said than done, by the way!)

But now that I spend as much time around horses as I do, it’s absolutely essential to be aware of the reasons horses kick, and try to limit those reasons when they are within reach of a human :)

Ask my friend Becky, she is well-aquainted with one of the reasons… an annoyed horse due to improper past training and while Becky was attempting to retrain a behavior… you fill in the blank…


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What is your horse saying to you?

It doesn’t take a genius to tell when a horse is downright angry… his ears are pinned, nostrils flared, eyes wide and crazy… just basically looks like he’s about to trample you, and just might!

But just the other day my husband asked me “why is Serenade standing like that?… Continue Reading