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All horses are at risk for internal parasite infestation and therefore need to be on a good de-worming regiment.  But with so many options for de-worming, how do you know what’s best for your horse? The following quiz gives great guidelines for whether your horse needs to be on a daily de-wormer or a purge program (strong wormers several times a year).… Continue Reading

The horses have told me it’s time for hay in their pastures…

…and I wasn’t terribly concerned about this because I have a FANTASTIC hay supplier with great prices. :)

However, i’ve changed my tune a bit as in 4 SHORT DAYS we went from this:

to this!

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I tend to write from my own experiences… meaning, when I learn something – YOU learn something!

And this week, i’m learning about manure… how to manage it, where to put it, what to do with it… lol

One thing is for sure, with 12 horses on the property, there is no shortage of manure.

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