Managing manure (does anyone want to know about this?)

I tend to write from my own experiences… meaning, when I learn something – YOU learn something!

And this week, i’m learning about manure… how to manage it, where to put it, what to do with it… lol

One thing is for sure, with 12 horses on the property, there is no shortage of manure. And I DO know that it’s a valuable resource to those of us with a green thumb (me!!) and those who also want to keep the pastures in tip-top shape to feed those 12 grass munchers! (also me!!)

If the manure piles are left to just sit in the pastures, they will snuff out the grass below and leave dead spots all over the fields… and very unhappy horses.

I knew that I needed a harrow rake to do the job… but who wants to spend $900 on a piece of metal to drag around a field and mush manure around?  Not me!

So I enlisted the help of my talented and creative hubby, (who is capable of sooo much more than just computer stuff!) and he helped me craft a homemade harrow rake out of some old chain link fencing… it worked like a dream!!!

Yay for freshly dragged fields and happy, healthy horses!

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