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The cat is out of the bag!!!

The beautiful warmblood sweethearts arrived at the Green Barn last week.  They hail from Des Moines, Iowa and had a very long trip to make!  The trip was top-secret however, as owner Alex had NO idea they were arriving a week early!… Continue Reading

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This just in:

Superstar stallion “Moorlands Totilas” is a daddy!  The first foal to this champion was born just this past Sunday.

“Moorlands Guinevere” is a beautiful bay filly.  Congrats to Toto, Moorlands Stables and very busy mommy – “Moorlands Sajouti.”

*Courtesy of and my friend Laura for keeping me informed!

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Moorlands Totilas (nicknamed “Toto”) is a 10-year-old black Dutch Warmblood stallion, who many people are calling the horse of the century.

Wonder why?  Look at him!

Toto won all 3 Gold medals in the World Equestrian Games, the first horse ever to do so.

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