Welcome “Buddy” and “Lucy Lui” to the Green Barn!

The cat is out of the bag!!!

The beautiful warmblood sweethearts arrived at the Green Barn last week.  They hail from Des Moines, Iowa and had a very long trip to make!  The trip was top-secret however, as owner Alex had NO idea they were arriving a week early! Alex is a student at Vanderbilt, and her mom Lorraine and I conspired to get the horses here and settled while Alex was up to her neck in exams!  She finished with exams last Friday, mom Lorraine flew into town for a “visit,” and out to the barn they came… to have a look around!  Much to Alex’s surprise, however, as she pulled up the long driveway, her precious babies were standing right at the fence waiting to greet her!  Awwww!!!!

Check out this pic of them arriving in style at 4:30AM!

Buddy is a 17.3 hh Dutch Warmblood (BIG doesn’t even come close to a description!) while Lucy is a 16.3 hh Hanoverian. Both of these sweeties have the BEST disposition and love to cuddle!  They are both around 20 y.o. now, and are retired from the show jumping world… I am determined to give them the best retirement treatment they’ve ever seen!

Welcome Buddy, Lucy, and owner Alex!!  (and lovingly sneaky Mom Lorraine!!!) We’re thrilled you’re here!

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