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Would you love the opportunity to have a horse of your own to love, play with, ride, etc

without the FULL responsibility of ownership?

We have several horses available at this time for LEASE options.


Caleb – 7 yo registered AQHA (Quarter Horse)/Appendix

  • 15.2hh bay gelding
  • trained as a barrel racer
  • beautiful mover
  • goes english/western
  • loads in trailer without hesitation, stands for farrier, longes beautifully
  • good, strong barefoot feet
  • loves to trail ride, very brave and sure-footed
  • good for an intermediate-advanced rider, or a beginner rider in a lesson program

Dylan – 17 yo Appendix

  • 16.3 hh, big beautiful bay gelding
  • so kind-hearted
  • goes english or western
  • sired by Grand-Prix jumper

Due to an old tendon injury, Dylan can no longer jump but is well-suited to an intermediate rider who would enjoy having a big boy to love on.  … Continue Reading

My apologies in advance if this post offends anyone… but my experience in the horse world AND the science world is that us horse-gals and guys have pretty much seen the worst of the worst, and so for the sake of knowledge – read on.… Continue Reading

So… it’s been a minute or 2 since i’ve blogged.  Wellllll, more like 2 years – eek!

Although my website hasn’t reflected it, there has been a LOT going on at the barn!!!  I was thinking recently about how much i’ve missed writing and keeping the world (or my little world at least) updated on all the amazing, difficult, heart wrenching, beautiful and hilariously fun things going on around my little piece of heaven… the Green Barn.… Continue Reading

There is a very special place in my heart for people who rescue horses.  It’s hard to believe that a beauty such as Boomer would need “rescuing,” or even adopting but, unfortunately in the world of horse-racing, more often than not these incredible athletes find themselves in less than ideal situations when their racing careers are over.… Continue Reading

This beautiful 20ish y.o. TB lady named Deja arrived at the Green Barn back in June, and I have to say that sadly, she wasn’t in the greatest condition…

…but I always LOVE to give great news on the cusp of not-so-great news!  … Continue Reading

I’m so excited to show off some of the cutest pics ever :)

Haley and her sweet lady Crimson and Clover boarded here at the Green Barn several years ago while Haley was attending school at Vanderbilt, and they BOTH quickly became friends of mine.  … Continue Reading

This week, we welcomed another new face to the Green Barn!

Awww, hi “Willie!”

Willie is a 13 y.o. sorrel Appendix (1/2 TB + 1/2 AQHA) gelding with a very excited and proud new owner named Grace, and from what I have seen they looooove to trail ride!  … Continue Reading

About a week ago, a beauty named “Prize Moon Jet” graced our presence here at the Green Barn.

“Moon” as she prefers to be called, is a 16 y.o. Paint mare with one of the prettiest heads i’ve ever seen!  She is sooo sweet, and it’s been my pleasure getting to know her!  … Continue Reading

The Green Barn LOVES new friends!

Just this week, we welcomed “Ranger” and “Duke,” and family Heather and Addie.  Both Ranger (right) and Duke (left) are 5 year old geldings (WHEW!  The girls were really outnumbering the boys for a minute there!)… Continue Reading

…from Mozart Ozark.  In the following video, Ozark, a 28 year old Thoroughbred at the Green Barn, teaches me about the joys of relaxing in the sun :)

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Last week, this precious boy arrived at the Green Barn!

“Moneypenny’s Moonraker,” or “Raker” as he prefers to be called, is an 11 year old Anglo-Arabian (part Arabian, part Thoroughbred) gelding, who is relishing in our “Every Day at the Spa” stall package.  … Continue Reading

Quick video of Becky’s (TB mare) first time on the lunge line… we don’t really have much info on Becky’s past, but we’re attempting to see if/how trained she is… can she be ridden, etc?  Check out the video… she’s looking pretty good so far!  

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A little bit of preparation and a LOT of stress goes into introducing new horses to an already-established herd.  Just like the new kid at school, many thoughts are present… “will they like me? …accept me? …try to eat me?”  The answer is maybe – to all of the above!

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Answer… BOTH!

I have witnessed, first hand, many horse adoptions that have had EXTREMELY happy endings on both ends!  Retired racehorse with ribs showing and anxiety issues meets young lady with enough love to put 200 lbs on her :)  Grandpa Grey TB meets little girl whose whole world is now wrapped up in those 4 legs…  In fact, there are people out there who specialize in this very thing, placing horses in the loving hands of people who are able to and will do everything in their power to care for them.  

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