Buying a Horse

Interested in a GREAT OPPORTUNITY?

Would you love the opportunity to have a horse of your own to love, play with, ride, etc

without the FULL responsibility of ownership?

We have several horses available at this time for LEASE options.


Caleb – 7 yo registered AQHA (Quarter Horse)/Appendix

  • 15.2hh bay gelding
  • trained as a barrel racer
  • beautiful mover
  • goes english/western
  • loads in trailer without hesitation, stands for farrier, longes beautifully
  • good, strong barefoot feet
  • loves to trail ride, very brave and sure-footed
  • good for an intermediate-advanced rider, or a beginner rider in a lesson program

Dylan – 17 yo Appendix

  • 16.3 hh, big beautiful bay gelding
  • so kind-hearted
  • goes english or western
  • sired by Grand-Prix jumper

Due to an old tendon injury, Dylan can no longer jump but is well-suited to an intermediate rider who would enjoy having a big boy to love on.  … Continue Reading

Welcome “Boomer” and Rebecca to the Green Barn!

There is a very special place in my heart for people who rescue horses.  It’s hard to believe that a beauty such as Boomer would need “rescuing,” or even adopting but, unfortunately in the world of horse-racing, more often than not these incredible athletes find themselves in less than ideal situations when their racing careers are over.… Continue Reading

Snapshots of Summer 2013

Who is anxiously awaiting SUMMER OF 2014??  I am!!! In the meantime, here are some highlights from last summer!!

 A new pony for Gillette! -Welcome “Summer Rayne”

Every little girl’s dream… too cute for words :) Maddie (and Audrey’s – not pictured) first pony!Continue Reading

Welcome “Sonny” and Angela to the Green Barn!

This made my year!!

Several months ago, a super sweet gal named Angela and her mom, Anita came by the Green Barn to introduce themselves!  Having just moved here from Vegas, Angela was eager to get plugged in to a barn… she said would work her tail-feather off, clean stalls, haul water buckets – you name it – just to get some time in around her beloved fave animal – horses.  … Continue Reading

Welcome “Ben” and Amy to the Green Barn!

Although both “Ben” and Amy have been at the Green Barn for some time, this is their FORMAL welcome :)


Amy came to the Green Barn several months ago as a staff member, and I have been thrilled to have her.  … Continue Reading

Have you ever read the horse classifieds?

…and wondered exactly what those glowing descriptions of the horse and his behavior actually means?

According to Holly Covey, we must read between the lines…

  • Easy to Catch = In a 10’x10′ stall
  • Big Trot = Won’t canter even on a 2 mile straightaway
  • Nicely Started = Lunges, but we don’t carry enough insurance to ride him
  • Top Show Horse = Won a reserve championship 5 years ago at a show with unusually low entries due to a hurricane
  • Home Bred = Top level of training was being raised on the front porch
  • Recently Vetted = Someone else found something badly wrong with him and therefore didn’t buy him
  • Big Boned = Good thing he has a mane and tail or he would be mistaken for a cow
  • Doing Courses = If tranquilized to the eyeballs and lunged 6 hrs straight before hand
  • Well Mannered = Hasn’t stepped on, bitten, or kicked anyone in the last week
  • Professionally Trained = Hasn’t stepped, bitten, or kicked anyone in the last month
  • Should Mature to 16 Hands = Currently 13hh, dam is 14.2hh, sire is 15hh; every horse in pedigree 18 generations back is under 15hh, however this horse will definitely defy DNA and grow!
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Why do horses kick?

In the past, I might have said – WHO CARES why they kick?! Just stay out of the way of the flying hoof!  (Easier said than done, by the way!)

But now that I spend as much time around horses as I do, it’s absolutely essential to be aware of the reasons horses kick, and try to limit those reasons when they are within reach of a human :)

Ask my friend Becky, she is well-aquainted with one of the reasons… an annoyed horse due to improper past training and while Becky was attempting to retrain a behavior… you fill in the blank…


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Horse adoption… fantastic! Or buyer beware?

Answer… BOTH!

I have witnessed, first hand, many horse adoptions that have had EXTREMELY happy endings on both ends!  Retired racehorse with ribs showing and anxiety issues meets young lady with enough love to put 200 lbs on her :)  Grandpa Grey TB meets little girl whose whole world is now wrapped up in those 4 legs…  In fact, there are people out there who specialize in this very thing, placing horses in the loving hands of people who are able to and will do everything in their power to care for them.  

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How much is your horse worth?

If you’re anything like me, you could never place a dollar value on your horse… are you kidding me?  She’s like a member of my family!  But it is important to be knowledgeable when it comes to horse prices, especially if you’re in the market to purchase one.  

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