Welcome “Sonny” and Angela to the Green Barn!

This made my year!!

photo 1

Several months ago, a super sweet gal named Angela and her mom, Anita came by the Green Barn to introduce themselves!  Having just moved here from Vegas, Angela was eager to get plugged in to a barn… she said would work her tail-feather off, clean stalls, haul water buckets – you name it – just to get some time in around her beloved fave animal – horses.  Hmmm, let me think on this… -ummmm HELLO!!!  Of course!! I feel as if I need to be an octopus sometimes with all the work there is to do around a barn!  AND… i’m a people person, so the more, the merrier!

So… work she did.  Ang quickly became a fixture around the barn and i’m been pleased to have her!

The story gets better!  Imagine my excitement when mom Anita asked me to come along side of her, her hubby and of course, brother Tanner to give Angela the surprise of her LIFE with her very first horse, Sonny.

Sonny, whose registered name is “Cowboy’s Windchester,” is an 8 year old AQHA palomino gelding with an INCREDIBLY sensitive spirit. Angela loves to come to the barn and just spend hours watching him… and who could blame her?

The craziest part of the story? Lynette (one of the Green Barn employees) used to OWN Sonny years ago as a 3 y.o. and was involved in his early training!!! How crazy is that?? They have been reunited as well!

I wonder if he knows how loved he is? :)


Yeah, I think so!

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