Welcome “Ben” and Amy to the Green Barn!

Although both “Ben” and Amy have been at the Green Barn for some time, this is their FORMAL welcome :)



Amy came to the Green Barn several months ago as a staff member, and I have been thrilled to have her.  She is fabulous!  Not only is she wonderful with all things relating to barn chores (and those who know – it’s a TON of work…) but she has a deep love of horses that is evident.  A very special bond, in fact, had grown over the last few months and i’m so excited to say that just about 6 weeks ago as our beloved 13 year old Hanoverian “Ben” came up for sale, Amy was able to purchase him and give him his forever home!

I’ve already seen a little and I can’t wait to see more as Amy and Ben grow together as “one” in the dressage ring!  Here’s to lots of fun and riding in the future!

Congrats guys!

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