Welcome “Boomer” and Rebecca to the Green Barn!

There is a very special place in my heart for people who rescue horses.  It’s hard to believe that a beauty such as Boomer would need “rescuing,” or even adopting but, unfortunately in the world of horse-racing, more often than not these incredible athletes find themselves in less than ideal situations when their racing careers are over.

Case in point, “Boomer” (whose registered name is “Point of Impact”) is a 11 year old off-the-track Thoroughbred who raced until he was 8.5, which is an incredibly long – almost unheard of – time in the spotlight!  He is sired by “Point Given,” who won the Preakness and Belmont Stakes in 2001 and made a go for the Triple Crown!  Point Given was actually the only horse in history to ever win FOUR $1,000,000 races in a row.  For real.

So… “Point Of Impact” – i.e. “Boomer” had some HUGE hooves to fill.  :)  Look at this beautiful boy in action:


However, when Boom’s racing career was over his future was no longer certain.  But then!  Adoption!  A chance at a new, amazing, better-than-he-could-dream of life with his new mommy Rebecca who just loves him to pieces…


Welcome Boomer and Rebecca!!!  So excited you are a part of our barn family and even more excited to watch as your bond grows and you make new memories together :)

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