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There is a very special place in my heart for people who rescue horses.  It’s hard to believe that a beauty such as Boomer would need “rescuing,” or even adopting but, unfortunately in the world of horse-racing, more often than not these incredible athletes find themselves in less than ideal situations when their racing careers are over.… Continue Reading

Answer… BOTH!

I have witnessed, first hand, many horse adoptions that have had EXTREMELY happy endings on both ends!  Retired racehorse with ribs showing and anxiety issues meets young lady with enough love to put 200 lbs on her :)  Grandpa Grey TB meets little girl whose whole world is now wrapped up in those 4 legs…  In fact, there are people out there who specialize in this very thing, placing horses in the loving hands of people who are able to and will do everything in their power to care for them.  

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