Welcome “Raker” to the Green Barn!

Last week, this precious boy arrived at the Green Barn!

“Moneypenny’s Moonraker,” or “Raker” as he prefers to be called, is an 11 year old Anglo-Arabian (part Arabian, part Thoroughbred) gelding, who is relishing in our “Every Day at the Spa” stall package.  Raker is truly one of the sweetest horses i’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!  He is so laid back, and I can’t tell you how I treasure the times when he nuzzles my hair as I brush off his legs… lol.. it’s our special time :)

In the following video, Raker meets his new friend Mozart Ozark for the first time… and Ozark gives me a special surprise… (<– sarcasm!!)  Pardon the shaky camera, but it’s worth it, I promise… get ready to laugh!!!

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