Stop… breathe… and enjoy :)

You might remember a post I wrote last week, half-joking while airing my dirty laundry about not being in the best mood and feeling quite overwhelmed… basically just having “one of those days,” or in my case, one of those weeks! :)

Sometimes it’s easy to lose a little perspective when one of the things you love the most becomes your job… in my case working with horses.  I have always dreamed of a career/life filled with those majestic animals, and now I have it!!  (I’m a lucky girl!!) But just like with anything, you can tend to become unbalanced.  I realized last week that although I have been caring for and working with the horses for months and months and months (and loving it, mind you!), I haven’t taken a chance to stop, breathe, and ENJOY them… especially my own, beautiful Serenade.

And thank God for good friends!!!  This past Tuesday, Marianne (the mustang-mama!) invited me to go trail riding with her. At first I was full of excuses… “well… i’m busy, tired, have a broken finger, blah blah blah…” but then I thought, I need to MAKE time for myself!! …and my horse!!  She deserves some one-on-one attention!!

And go, we did… to Garrison Creek Trail off the Natchez Trace.  We rode, and rode, and rode… climbing over downed trees and wading through the river… and Serenade LOVED it!  I could honestly tell she was happy!!  And me… well, I was practically in tears of joy as we trotted through fields of wildflowers blowing in the soft breeze while butterflies floated around… (i’m not kidding!!) I joked to Marianne that I thought I might have died on the trail somewhere and didn’t realize I was in heaven :)

I didn’t even realize how badly I needed this pick-me-up!!  Thank you Marianne, for coaxing me out of my routine!!  You have no idea how much I needed it! :)

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