Timmy Update! (It’s a good one!)

Do you remember when Timmy looked like this?

I do… and it hurts my heart to remember.  However, after 4 months and countless physical examinations, steroid shots, farrier care, power pack de-worming, blood work and assorted tests, treatment for skin infections and Cushing’s Disease, dentistry, hours and hours of love and grooming, a nutrition specialist and about 50,000 lbs of food (exaggerating… but not much!)… here is our boy now:

What a difference, right?  We are soooo thankful for the progress Timmy is making!  Of course, with such a task comes much responsibility… (yes, I mean lots of $$$ needed!)  Therefore, we are even more thankful to those who are making it possible.  Thanks to Timmy’s loving adopted family Lisa and Rachel, the staff of Natchez Trace Veterinary Services, and a very special thanks to Rebecca from Illinois, who read about our sweet boy Timmy and felt led to send money to help with his expenses!  (how amazing is THAT?)

To Rebecca – what an amazing heart you have!  We are so grateful!

And as if it couldn’t get any better… Timmy is finally feeling well enough to stretch his legs in the big fields!  Check out this video of him meeting some new friends for the first time :)

 If you’d like to donate to the GET WELL TIMMY FUND – please contact Jeffi at the Green Barn!

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