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I mean really, what’s the point of having a big, giant farm if you don’t fill it up with at least 1 of every single species of animal on the planet?

LOL, but seriously.  I think that may be Brandon’s evil plan… (I can hear him “muhahaha-ing”)

When it was just me, I was totally OK with a farm full of ponies and 1 perfect dog, my beloved Grayce (my blog!… Continue Reading

Do you remember when Timmy looked like this?

I do… and it hurts my heart to remember.  However, after 4 months and countless physical examinations, steroid shots, farrier care, power pack de-worming, blood work and assorted tests, treatment for skin infections and Cushing’s Disease, dentistry, hours and hours of love and grooming, a nutrition specialist and about 50,000 lbs of food (exaggerating… but not much!)… here is our boy now:

What a difference, right?  … Continue Reading

This past weekend, we welcomed the adorable 14 year old pony “Midge” and her super-cutie owner, 6 year old Cecelia to the Green Barn.  Cece (Kim’s daughter) is a primo-hunter in the making!!  Check out that leg position and seat!!  … Continue Reading