Who knows about Cushing’s Syndrome?

I do now!

There are many horse-related issues that I have had tons of experience with, but no one can be an expert on all… however I quickly become a “self-proclaimed” expert when one of our horses here at the Green Barn comes down with a problem.  I want to know EVERYTHING I can know about the situation so I can feel confident in my ability to take care of it!

…and this time around, it’s CUSHING’S SYNDROME.

We all have wondered for quite some time if there were some underlying issues with our sweet Timmy Boy… and now the suspicions have proved true!  Timmy has been diagnosed with the disease, and I for one am thankful, because we now know about the problem and it is treatable.  And not to fear… Cushing’s is actually VERY common, in fact, our new girl Lucy Lui is being treated for it as well!

Cushing’s Syndrome is caused by a small benign tumor in the pituitary gland, that for all intents and purposes messes with the horse’s hormone levels.  The symptoms of Cushing’s are obvious – weight loss, muscle wasting, heavy curly coat with strange shedding patterns, excessive hunger and thirst.  Although Timmy has been with us for about 5 months now, and has gained an immense amount of weight – the hair coat and excessive urination remained and were tell-tale signs.  I’m excited though, that we have diagnosed the problem and now Timmy is receiving treatment in the form of Pergolide (a medication used to treat Parkinson’s Disease!) – and we are hopeful these symptoms will be easily managed with a daily dose of medicine!

Check out this link for more information about Equine Cushing’s Syndrome.


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