Welcome “Gruezi” to the Green Barn!

This past week at the Green Barn we made a new friend… a breathtakingly GORGEOUS new friend, may I add…

This is Gruezi (pronounced – “GREW-IT-SEE” <– at least that’s what I think!).  He is a 12-year old Oldenburg gelding with impeccable manners – and that’s a GREAT thing, since he’s also 17.1 hh!!  For those of you out there who don’t understand 17.1 hh, it is very, very, VERY big.  Like bigger than any horse i’ve ever worked with… especially because he has the large Oldenburg “warmblood” build.  All this makes for a very beautiful boy… and one that i’m thrilled I have the opportunity to take care of every day.

Take a looksie!

Welcome Gruezi and owner Jennifer!  Can’t wait to get to know you both better and enjoy many, many rides together! :)

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