Welcome “Ranger” and “Duke” to the Green Barn!

The Green Barn LOVES new friends!

Just this week, we welcomed “Ranger” and “Duke,” and family Heather and Addie.  Both Ranger (right) and Duke (left) are 5 year old geldings (WHEW!  The girls were really outnumbering the boys for a minute there!)

Ranger is a Tennessee Walking Horse who especially loves to take Addie on swimming trips to the creek, while Duke is an Appendix (half AQH/ half TB) who has a lot of jumping in his future.… Continue Reading

Dealing with the summer heat…

I’m sure everyone will agree that this summer has one thing going for it.  It’s really HOT.

Although horses’ bodies are conditioned to live outside 24/7, in extreme cases of heat we need to be a bit more mindful of the signs of a horse suffering from heat exhaustion, or worse, heat stroke.  … Continue Reading

Welcome “Georgie” and “Sweeti” to the Green Barn!

A few week ago, we welcomed 2 new friends to the Green Barn…

“Georgie” and “Sweeti,” arrived in style from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Georgie (left) is a beautiful Tobiano registered APHA and registered AQHA mare, while Sweeti (right) is a black/white Missouri Fox Trotter.  … Continue Reading

The Green Barn – August Updates!

Interested in what’s going on at the Green Barn?  Check out our August newsletter :)

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Home is where your horses are :)

It has been my heart’s desire as long as I can remember to wake up in the morning and look out over my land and see my horses grazing in the distant fields.

I woke just this morning while the mist was still on the ground, walked out to the front porch with a steaming cup of coffee… and enjoyed this very sight.… Continue Reading

Welcome Jacksonia Grayce!

This week we joyfully added a new member to our household, Jacksonia Grayce of Monaven… aka “Grayce.”  We found this to be a fitting name as “Jacksonia” was the nickname I always called my precious Jackson from the time he was little and “Grace” means “gift from God.”  We absolutely feel that our angel Jackson had something to do with sending this sweet gift into our arms!… Continue Reading

The Green Barn – July Updates!

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Stretching exercises for your horse!

We all know the importance of exercise and stretching, for our bodies and horses alike.  The exercise part is easy, well maybe not EASY, but easily understood… get on your horse and ride!

Stretching is important, not only for muscle fluidity, but also to identify any stiffness issues or potential lameness.  

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Carrot update!

I haven’t mentioned anything about it in awhile, but remember this?

The long-awaited carrot patch!  Back in April, we planted a bunch of carrots at the barn, using Mel B’s square-foot gardening method and our own homemade compost.  Fast forward 3 months and we have some happy horses!… Continue Reading

You know you’re a horse-person if…

  • You cluck to your car when you go up a hill.
  • Your horse’s hair is in better condition than your own.
  • You refer to your car as “my portable tack room.”
  • You are excited when your friend tells you there is a huge sale at the ‘bridle shop,’ then you are disappointed when you realize they mean the ‘bridal shop.’
  • You have the vet’s number but not your kid’s pediatrician on your speed dial.
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MIA – Missing in Action

I know, I know, i’ve been MIA.  But with good reason… I promise!

It’s been a hectic few weeks.  Exactly 1 week after losing my precious baby Jackson, I was thrown onto another emotional roller coaster when one of our resident princess ponies at the Green Barn colicked and was very, very sick.… Continue Reading

The Green Barn – June Updates!

Interested in what’s going on at the Green Barn?  Check out our June newsletter :)

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It’s quiet…

It’s excruciatingly quiet around here.

Chad and I lost our beloved baby Jackson this week… he passed away on Tuesday.  I am just now getting the strength to even voice those words to the world.

When I stare at this picture, it’s like he’s running straight back into my arms.  … Continue Reading

Worm alert!

All horses are at risk for internal parasite infestation and therefore need to be on a good de-worming regiment.  But with so many options for de-worming, how do you know what’s best for your horse? The following quiz gives great guidelines for whether your horse needs to be on a daily de-wormer or a purge program (strong wormers several times a year).… Continue Reading

Grooming do’s and don’ts!! (and a few NEVERS)

Grooming is the first and most basic of the tasks a new horse lover needs to learn.  Although it seems pretty straight-forward, brush the dirt off, pick the hooves out, comb the hair… there are some do’s, don’ts (and a few NEVERS) to be mindful of.… Continue Reading