Have you met “Moorlands Totilas?”

Moorlands Totilas (nicknamed “Toto”) is a 10-year-old black Dutch Warmblood stallion, who many people are calling the horse of the century.

Wonder why?  Look at him!

Toto won all 3 Gold medals in the World Equestrian Games, the first horse ever to do so.

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A fantastic opportunity for the horse lover!

You must check this out!!!

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Have you ever read the horse classifieds?

…and wondered exactly what those glowing descriptions of the horse and his behavior actually means?

According to Holly Covey, we must read between the lines…

  • Easy to Catch = In a 10’x10′ stall
  • Big Trot = Won’t canter even on a 2 mile straightaway
  • Nicely Started = Lunges, but we don’t carry enough insurance to ride him
  • Top Show Horse = Won a reserve championship 5 years ago at a show with unusually low entries due to a hurricane
  • Home Bred = Top level of training was being raised on the front porch
  • Recently Vetted = Someone else found something badly wrong with him and therefore didn’t buy him
  • Big Boned = Good thing he has a mane and tail or he would be mistaken for a cow
  • Doing Courses = If tranquilized to the eyeballs and lunged 6 hrs straight before hand
  • Well Mannered = Hasn’t stepped on, bitten, or kicked anyone in the last week
  • Professionally Trained = Hasn’t stepped, bitten, or kicked anyone in the last month
  • Should Mature to 16 Hands = Currently 13hh, dam is 14.2hh, sire is 15hh; every horse in pedigree 18 generations back is under 15hh, however this horse will definitely defy DNA and grow!
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Even southern ponies like the snow…

Even 7 years after relocating to Franklin, TN from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I continue to have a hard time swallowing the “winter” weather here… basically a bunch of cold, yucky rain and muddiness from Nov-Feb.  I have MISSED the falling snowflakes, the trees outlined in white!!

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Horse bedding 101… I like wood pellets :)

There are tons (no pun intended) of types of bedding available for use of stalled horses.

…and the list goes on.

When trying to decide what type of bedding is going to be best for you AND your horses, it’s important to educate yourself, and make your decision based on cost, time spent cleaning, waste and most importantly how healthy and comfortable it is for your horse.

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A heartfelt goodbye…

…to our friend “Smoke” whose Mommy (Brittany) and soon-to-be Daddy (William) are getting married and moving to Kentucky!

We’ve shared quite a bit of time and lots of memories with this sweet Tennessee Walkerboy… and he will surely be missed!

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The Green Barn – January Updates!

Interested in what’s going on at the Green Barn?  Check out our January newsletter :)

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Who likes to clean their tack?

We do, we do!

Actually, as you can see from the look on Eliza’s face, it may not be the MOST fun thing she’s ever done, but it is definitely a necessity!  Yesterday, Eliza and I spent a good 2 hours soaping and scrubbing…

Though tiring, the feeling of accomplishment afterwards and enjoying clean tack is great!

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Thankful for… a Merry Christmas post

On this Christmas, I am thankful.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband, and 2 adorable snow-puppies… who happily and without complaint, spent our first white Christmas in Tennessee taking care of the 9 Green Barn ponies.

I am thankful for those 9 4-legged babies, each with their own truly unique personality.  

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The greatest invention of all time… trough heaters!

I have heard mounds of horror stories regarding taking care of horses in the winter… that even as far south as Tennessee, one would end up spending hours breaking up ice in the water troughs with a sledgehammer.  That water lines freeze and horses get dehydrated.  

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I feel this way…

…more often than not!!!

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Welcome “Fanny” to the Green Barn!

We’ve been waiting for “Fanny,” an 8-year old sorrel overo APHA (American Paint Horse) for quite some time :)

“Fanny,” owned by Lauren, made the long trek from Johnstown, PA (close to my hubby’s hometown, how weird!) to the Green Barn in Franklin, TN this past week.  

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The Green Barn’s Christmas Ponies!

This year, for my boarder’s Christmas gifts, I decided to do a framed photo of each of the ponies at the Green Barn… but of course we couldn’t stop there… It is Christmas right?

“Air” – Trakehner Gelding

“Chief” – Draft/X Gelding

“Godiva Jolene” – TB Mare


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Welcome “Mr. Sinatra” to the Green Barn!

I love when the Green Barn family expands to include new members :)

This week, we welcomed Mr. Sinatra, and his ecstatic new owners Patti and Kristi.

Mr. Sinatra is a gorgeous 9 year old Spotted Saddle gelding.  The other horses were definitely interested to meet the newcomer!

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Home remedies for horse people

Anyone who’s ever perused the “horse treatment” aisle knows that although there is a fortune to be made in this industry, almost every ailment listed on those bottles can be soothed with a handful of common household items.

At the Green Barn, we always try to go the most natural route possible, and so therefore I am ALL OVER home remedies, especially when it comes to treating horses for all the crazy things they need treatment for…

In another fantastic article from, home remedies for treating wounds, cleaning your tack, protecting your horse’s coat, and caring for his hooves and teeth are listed… a must-read!

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