The greatest invention of all time… trough heaters!

I have heard mounds of horror stories regarding taking care of horses in the winter… that even as far south as Tennessee, one would end up spending hours breaking up ice in the water troughs with a sledgehammer.  That water lines freeze and horses get dehydrated.  Even after only an hour inside the barn, one would be practically frostbitten…

It’s been VERY cold here in Franklin.  In fact, we have faced winter weather advisories right and left and all-time lows to 5 degrees and it’s not even “technically” winter yet!

I have to admit the horror stories were true. I did spend an hour breaking up ice in the horse troughs and the water was so cold the horses weren’t drinking.  It was awful!

So, after 1 miserable day, I marched right to the local TSC and spent a whopping $30 on a trough heater.

While I was at it, I invested in a quartz heater for the tack room ($45) and water pipe insulators ($10).

Oh yeah, and some extra cozy Carhartt overalls :)

Problem(s) solved… BRING IT ON WINTER!

In this informative article from, winter water concerns are outlined.  Check it out!

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