Joy is created at the Barn :)

Kayla, one of our fave boarders (although all our boarders are our faves!) recently posted a blog of pics she took on a beautiful morning at the barn.  Enjoy!

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Cellulitis = No fun.

Cellulitis can occur in horses just like in humans, when there is a small, superficial wound that gets infected.  The infection is usually centralized near the wound, but unfortunately sometimes it goes unnoticed until there is a significant amount of swelling and pain.  … Continue Reading

The Green Barn – July Updates!

Interested in what’s going on at the Green Barn?  Check out our July newsletter :)

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We have SEAHORSES at the Green Barn!

OK, so today I had probably one of the most fun experiences of my life… not an exaggeration!

HORSE PEOPLE – Have you ever been swimming with your horse?  As you can tell from this picture, I hadn’t.  (I’m kinda excited… and nervous!  … Continue Reading

What’s your nutrition plan?

At the Green Barn, I really work hard to provide the most natural environment possible for the horses in every way I can.  This means LOTS of turnout where the horses are free to roam and graze on free-choice grass/hay.  Most horses thrive in this type of environment, because it was what their bodies were made to do naturally.  … Continue Reading

Anhidrosis – Know the signs!

Although it’s been a gorgeous 80 degrees and sunny this past week, we ALL know the hot, muggy summer is forthcoming……….

Anhidrosis in horses is a VERY dangerous problem.  Anhidrosis refers to a condition when horses are unable to sweat.  Although it is more common in Florida and other extremely hot and humid parts of the country, any horse, at any time, can develop anhidrosis, and it’s EXTREMELY important that we learn to quickly recognize the signs.  … Continue Reading

The Green Barn – June Updates!

Interested in what’s going on at the Green Barn?  Check out our June newsletter :)

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Summer’s here!!! -bzzzzzzzzz-

What’s that sound?  The sound of summer??  Oh wait, it’s………….


I…… HATE…….FLIES.  But even more than I hate them, the horses hate them!  Every horse owner knows the struggle of bug control in the summer.  I can’t say it enough!!!!  … Continue Reading

Our Veterinarian featured on Nashville News 2!

Yesterday’s Nashville News 2 @ 5pm featured a segment on our very own favorite vet, Dr. Marc Smith of Natchez Trace Veterinary Services.

Dr. Marc has been servicing the horses at the Green Barn since we opened, and has been my personal vet for my dogs, cats AND horses for years prior to that out of his Franklin location – which happens to be a mere 5 minutes up the road from our barn.  … Continue Reading

Every real farm needs CHICKENS :)

I don’t even really like eggs that much… but ever since we purchased the farm I have been obsessed with the concept of having little chickens running around!  It’s just so FARM-Y!

…sooo you can imagine where this is going!

About 2 months ago Chad and I jumped right in… 6 little fluff-ball pullets (female chicks) arrived at the Green Barn from the local co-op.  … Continue Reading

Welcome “Moose” to the Green Barn!

This past week, we welcomed a big Moose to the Green Barn!  :)  Not literally speaking, but “Moose” is sort of a moose… in a good way ;)  Can anyone guess the breed???  It’s not hard!

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The Green Barn – May Updates!

Interested in what’s going on at the Green Barn?  Check out our May newsletter :)

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The Green Barn – April Updates!

Interested in what’s going on at the Green Barn?  Check out our April newsletter :)

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Aaaaaaachoooo!!!!! (Horse allergies?)

Yes everyone, horses can have allergies too. Especially in MIDDLE TENNESSEE – the allergy capital of the world!

I think we’ve all probably experienced the occasional horse that breaks out in hives or has runny eyes or a (clear) runny nose once in a awhile (ahem… AIDAN!).… Continue Reading

Pasture Management 101

One of the most important things a barn owner needs to be well educated on is pasture management.  It’s simple, really:

Nice pastures = healthy horses and lower costs.

Thin, overgrazed pastures = very expensive hay/grain bills, MUCH more work, and a less “natural” environment for your horses.… Continue Reading