Summer’s here!!! -bzzzzzzzzz-

What’s that sound?  The sound of summer??  Oh wait, it’s………….


I…… HATE…….FLIES.  But even more than I hate them, the horses hate them!  Every horse owner knows the struggle of bug control in the summer.  I can’t say it enough!!!!  YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re riding along and your horse is literally contorting his/her body like a snake under you and it takes every bit of strength and willpower for you to stay on – FLY

You’re trying to enjoy that peaceful grooming time with your horse and all is well until he throws his head up slamming into yours and giving you a migraine – FLY

You’re bent over picking out your horse’s feet and he/she gives you whiplash with their tail – FLY

You JUST had the farrier come and shoe your horse, but he/she spent the last 24 hours stomping their feet so hard that the shoes are all bent and falling off – FLIESSSS

Get the picture?  I have spent mucho $$$$$$ and time on expensive fly sprays, only to literally watch the flies wait about 5 seconds before attacking my horse again.  WHAT GIVES?

This year, I am trying something NEW.  Starting on the inside to work on the outside… and we all know I LOVE a natural product, right?

BUG CHECK contains garlic, grape seed and yeast.  I will feed it to my princess pony/guinea pig Serenade and when she sweats, she will omit a strange garlicy odor which HOPEFULLY the flies will detest, i.e. STAY AWAY!  It’s worth a try???

Here’s hoping for a fly-free summer…!!!

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