We have SEAHORSES at the Green Barn!

OK, so today I had probably one of the most fun experiences of my life… not an exaggeration!

HORSE PEOPLE – Have you ever been swimming with your horse?  As you can tell from this picture, I hadn’t.  (I’m kinda excited… and nervous!  lol!)  Until today!!  Most fun everrrr!!!  We are so fortunate that the Green Barn is so near the Harpeth River, that we can just ride right over… and today it was SO hot and the river was SO clear and beautiful that our horses were more than willing to take a dive… LITERALLY!

Aidan and Serenade scoping out their path… “what do you think Sere?  should we?  shouldn’t we?”

Taylor and Serenade getting pretty brave… inching in slowly… deeper and deeper!!! (and yes, we cleaned our tack!!!)

…and THEN…!!!!!

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