Aaaaaaachoooo!!!!! (Horse allergies?)

Yes everyone, horses can have allergies too. Especially in MIDDLE TENNESSEE – the allergy capital of the world!

I think we’ve all probably experienced the occasional horse that breaks out in hives or has runny eyes or a (clear) runny nose once in a awhile (ahem… AIDAN!). This condition, although an annoyance, isn’t serious and usually resolves itself in a few days or merely requires frequent eye and nose-wiping (again… AIDAN) :) lol!

Our sweet Lucy Lui knows ALL about allergies… this poor baby requires bi-weekly allergy shots, because without them her respiration is actually compromised. What is she allergic to? Dust! …and have you ever seen a barn without dust? Well, I try to keep it clean… but i’m sure I miss a spot or two, now and then!

Seriously though, the dust that causes Lucy the most problems is actually in her hay. Along with bacteria, fungus and mold spores, it’s a warzone in there for Lucy’s fragile respiratory system. Most people that manage horses with allergies soak the hay in water to try to alleviate the dust, but this practice has actually shown to increase the bacteria content, and leaches some of its nutrients.

Therefore… Lucy is so special she has her very own HAYGAIN HG 1000 HAY STEAMER. Seriously – one of the coolest things ever! Once steamed at a temperature of 180deg for 1 hour, the hay is nearly sterile.

Step #1 – Place hay in steamer, check levels in reservoir and top dress with water

Step #2 – Lock ‘er up! Turn ‘er on!

Step #3 – Deliver the goods! Try not to burn your hands! (I learned this the hard way… lol!)

Who’s ready to eat? Lucy, I hope you know how much you’re loved!

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