What’s your nutrition plan?

At the Green Barn, I really work hard to provide the most natural environment possible for the horses in every way I can.  This means LOTS of turnout where the horses are free to roam and graze on free-choice grass/hay.  Most horses thrive in this type of environment, because it was what their bodies were made to do naturally.  …but, there is the $84,000 question – to grain or not to grain?  We all know they love it, but is it really necessary?

Timmy says “YESSS!!!!!”

Grass/hay/water is like air… they need these elements to survive.  Horses in the wild were not fed buckets of grain 2x daily.  HOWEVER, wild horses were also not on strict training regiments, and natural selection would be in full effect for those who were not able to stay healthy on grazing alone.  Grain provides a lot of carbs and fat (energy)… TOTALLY necessary for the horse in high level of work, growing babies, horses who have difficulty maintaining their weight on their own, and senior horses.

…and I have many horses like that at the Green Barn!

This is why I have teamed up with Purina to consult me on the best feeds for each individual horse at my farm.  It goes without saying that Timmy (our 30+ year old rescue) would have different needs than Remmy/Ruby (the babies) or even Gruezi (who is by-far the powerhouse athlete of the group!)  So why should they all be fed the same thing?

I am currently working with a nutrition specialist from Purina who comes to the farm and monitors the weights and body scores of my horses, as well as offers feeding suggestions for improvement of the horses’ health.  Body scoring is important, because it not only looks at the gain/loss of pounds – but of the composition of fat/muscle deposits overall, as well as coat condition, etc.

I have chosen the following feeds for my horses and HIGHLY recommend them as i’ve seen improvements in the body scores of every horse at the farm in the last 3 months.

Horseman’s Edge 10:10 – Textured Sweet Feed

Horseman’s Edge 12:6 – Textured Sweet Feed

Equine Senior

Omolene 200

Check out Purina’s full line of horse feeds here.  My horses are happy customers!


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