I’m thankful…

…for Timmy.  Here’s his story.

This is Timmy.  It’s so hard to tell what a horse’s circumstances have been throughout their life, it’s not like they can tell you in words!!  …but a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures speak VOLUMES.  This is a “way before” picture of Timmy; in his younger, healthier days.  From what we know, about a year ago Timmy came across some hard times, in the care of ill-equipped (through gritting teeth, i’ll leave it at that…) people.  Some new friends of mine Lisa and Rachel heard about Timmy’s story and they took it upon themselves to try to rescue him.  They contacted me to see if I would help… um, YES!!  Of course!!

About 3 weeks ago, Timmy arrived at the Green Barn.  To put it mildly, when this poor, sweet, probably 30+ year old baby made his entrance, I had to step into the tack room and have a quick cry before I put my brave face on to deal with the daunting task ahead…  (caution – these pictures aren’t pretty…)

I have never seen a horse in so poor condition.  It hurt me to even look at him… and I was truly fearful he wouldn’t make it through the first few days.  His skin was rubbed raw over where the bones were almost coming through his thin skin, his legs were swollen due to his body’s lack of ability to properly circulate the fluid, he was almost to weak to even eat, he could barely walk, he could barely stand.

…and to top it off, he actually had SADDLE SORES on his poor back… from where he was being ridden before he was rescued.

It was excruciating watching him try to fight to stay alive and knowing that he had suffered so…

We immediately put him outside because he was so starved he was trying to eat the bedding in his freshly cleaned stall.

And his new buddies were there waiting to cheer him on from across the way… “come on, you can do it!!  Eat, eat, eat!!” :)

In 24 hours, he already looked like a different horse… it’s amazing what FOOD and WATER can do!!!  MIRACLE!!!

With the loving care of his guardian angels Lisa and Rachel, compassionate veterinary care from Dr. Marc Smith of Natchez Trace Veterinary Services here in Franklin, many of my sleepless nights up worrying about him, TONS of round-the-clock feedings and a heck of a lot of PRAYER i’m thrilled to report Timmy is on the road to recovery…

1 week – update

2.5 weeks – update

Stay tuned for more Timmy updates!

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