Friends of the Green Barn

Joy is created at the Barn :)

Kayla, one of our fave boarders (although all our boarders are our faves!) recently posted a blog of pics she took on a beautiful morning at the barn.  Enjoy!

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Our Veterinarian featured on Nashville News 2!

Yesterday’s Nashville News 2 @ 5pm featured a segment on our very own favorite vet, Dr. Marc Smith of Natchez Trace Veterinary Services.

Dr. Marc has been servicing the horses at the Green Barn since we opened, and has been my personal vet for my dogs, cats AND horses for years prior to that out of his Franklin location – which happens to be a mere 5 minutes up the road from our barn.  … Continue Reading

2nd Annual Green Barn Christmas Celebration!

This past weekend, we hosted our 2nd Annual Green Barn Christmas Celebration!  A wonderful time was had by all!!!

Although the delicious food and desserts were all a HUGE hit, the star of the show was, by far, my homemade “Chicken Nookle Soup.”

This recipe has been in my family for years and years…  and since I was asked a million times, I promised some of my boarders I would totally share the secret.  … Continue Reading

I’m thankful…

…for Timmy.  Here’s his story.

This is Timmy.  It’s so hard to tell what a horse’s circumstances have been throughout their life, it’s not like they can tell you in words!!  …but a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures speak VOLUMES.  … Continue Reading

Your Horse, Your Life – Horse and Rider Magazine

Everyone!!! Please STOP what you’re doing, and take 2 seconds to click HERE.  Then click “RATE!”

OK, now… reminder reminder reminder!  Make sure you vote!  Every day!  My friend Connie has entered the Your Horse, Your Life contest hosted by Horse and Rider magazine.  … Continue Reading

Snapshots of Summer – Part 2

As we transition from summer to fall, I love to take a little stroll down memory lane… here are some snapshots of our glorious summer at the Green Barn


We expanded! This is the inside of the “other” Green Barn!… Continue Reading

Snapshots of Summer

As we transition from summer to fall, I love to take a little stroll down memory lane… here are some snapshots of our glorious summer at the Green Barn

River exploring with Eliza and Jolene

We moved to the farm!… Continue Reading

A worthy cause…

Check out the following video for information regarding Equine Assisted Therapy in St. Louis, MO.  Our sweet Aidan’s St. Louis family (Robin and Dave Bair) recently donated their beloved “Hero” to the program and asked me to pass along this info… and of course, i’m always willing to aid a worthy cause!!!… Continue Reading

A True Honor…

You know i’ve been busy when I haven’t had time to write a blog since “September Updates” …and it’s Oct.  Whoops!  I will be making a concerted effort to catch up – but trust me – SO MANY NEAT THINGS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING!!  … Continue Reading

MIA – Missing in Action

I know, I know, i’ve been MIA.  But with good reason… I promise!

It’s been a hectic few weeks.  Exactly 1 week after losing my precious baby Jackson, I was thrown onto another emotional roller coaster when one of our resident princess ponies at the Green Barn colicked and was very, very sick.… Continue Reading

Stop… breathe… and enjoy :)

You might remember a post I wrote last week, half-joking while airing my dirty laundry about not being in the best mood and feeling quite overwhelmed… basically just having “one of those days,” or in my case, one of those weeks!… Continue Reading

Horray for barn work weekends!

This past weekend at the Green Barn I called a “barn work weekend,” basically just asking for volunteers to come out and lend a hand…

…2 hands are better than 1… 4 hands are better than 2… and 48 hands are fantastic!!!  … Continue Reading

Equine Sports Massage Therapy… Part #2

You might remember a post I wrote several months ago regarding the benefits of Equine Sports Massage Therapy.  Well… benefits there are!! Several months ago a few of our horses had their first sessions, and we are seeing vast improvements in flexibility and behavior.… Continue Reading

Hungry Horses!

What’s better than an afternoon snack arriving on a truck?  Nothing according to hungry ponies at the Green Barn.  You would think they are starving the way they swarm the hay… and I assure you, they’re not!  Special thanks to Triple L Ranch for their super yummy and excellent quality hay!… Continue Reading

A look back…

I was looking through older posts and came across these beautiful pictures my friend Eliz took last year of Serenade and I.  I had to share :)

Interested in an equine-themed photoshoot?  Contact and check them out on Facebook, they’re always running fun activities and specials – this week it’s Valentine-themed!… Continue Reading