A True Honor…

You know i’ve been busy when I haven’t had time to write a blog since “September Updates” …and it’s Oct.  Whoops!  I will be making a concerted effort to catch up – but trust me – SO MANY NEAT THINGS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING!!  New horses moving in, exciting visitors, prepping for winter, etc etc… and I have to start somewhere so why not with the coolest thing ever!??

About a week ago, I received a phone call late one evening from Sergeant Diaz with the US Army Caisson Platoon.  The platoon’s horses were traveling from Oklahoma back to their home in Virginia and their lodging for the night had fallen through due to the Equine Herpes outbreak in Knoxville.  Was there any way I could help?  Umm, hello, let me think??? Help the US Military?  Don’t they risk their lives every day to keep me safe?  The LEAST I can do is take care of their horses for 1 night!

So… arrive they did.  IN STYLE :)

Did I mention they had 15 horses with them?  And that they are the ones that pull the carriages for military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery?

Yes… those are the ones.

Remember “Blackjack,” the riderless horse at President JFK’s funeral?  The Caisson Platoon was actually his home… wow.

What an honor, what history…

It truly was an honor to help.  To the men and horses of the Old Guard Caisson Platoon, you are ALWAYS welcome at the Green Barn!

Check out this video of the horses settling in for the night…

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