MIA – Missing in Action

I know, I know, i’ve been MIA.  But with good reason… I promise!

It’s been a hectic few weeks.  Exactly 1 week after losing my precious baby Jackson, I was thrown onto another emotional roller coaster when one of our resident princess ponies at the Green Barn colicked and was very, very sick.

Upon starting to feed on Tuesday, I noticed that Jolene just wasn’t “herself.”  She wasn’t in obvious pain, but something just seemed off to me.  I quickly called the vet and by the time they arrived, Jolene was starting to become uncomfortable, and even with pain medicine and early intervention in less than 2 hours was in full-blown colic.  I’ve seen lots of colic… remember, it can happen for practically any reason and at any time… but this one was really, really bad.  Her owners (and me!) were faced with a terrifying thought: “what can be done?  How do we handle this?”

We were all completely on board with the obvious decision… treat her with medical intervention to the max.  Anything in our power!!!  So off she went… to Tennessee Equine Hospital when she would be provided with 24-hour, round the clock, care.

Poor baby Jolene, she was so sick…

It really was touch and go… even with all the medical intervention, we were told Jolene had a 50/50 chance of survival.  We were scared.  But we prayed, hoped and trusted.  It was incredible to see the outpouring of love and concern from those who care about this sweet girl… we even received some donations to the “get well Jolene” fund to help with her mounting medical bills.  And then…

…after 6 days in the hospital, Jolene made an incredible recovery and got to come back home :)  That Jolene, she’s tough!  It’s going to take more than a little colic to be the end of this beautiful off-the-track TB.  She has a lot of life left to live :)

Special thanks to the staff of Natchez Trace Veterinary Services and Tennessee Equine Hospital for your fantastic care.  You saved another life!

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