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Snapshots of Summer – Part 2

As we transition from summer to fall, I love to take a little stroll down memory lane… here are some snapshots of our glorious summer at the Green Barn


We expanded! This is the inside of the “other” Green Barn!… Continue Reading

Snapshots of Summer

As we transition from summer to fall, I love to take a little stroll down memory lane… here are some snapshots of our glorious summer at the Green Barn

River exploring with Eliza and Jolene

We moved to the farm!… Continue Reading

Don’t choke!

Choke is a condition that can occur in horses when feed or hay gets stuck somewhere in their esophageal tract.  Unlike choking in humans when the airway is blocked, choke in horses is usually not a life-threatening condition.  The horse is able to breathe, just not swallow.  … Continue Reading

Dealing with the summer heat…

I’m sure everyone will agree that this summer has one thing going for it.  It’s really HOT.

Although horses’ bodies are conditioned to live outside 24/7, in extreme cases of heat we need to be a bit more mindful of the signs of a horse suffering from heat exhaustion, or worse, heat stroke.  … Continue Reading

Stretching exercises for your horse!

We all know the importance of exercise and stretching, for our bodies and horses alike.  The exercise part is easy, well maybe not EASY, but easily understood… get on your horse and ride!

Stretching is important, not only for muscle fluidity, but also to identify any stiffness issues or potential lameness.  

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MIA – Missing in Action

I know, I know, i’ve been MIA.  But with good reason… I promise!

It’s been a hectic few weeks.  Exactly 1 week after losing my precious baby Jackson, I was thrown onto another emotional roller coaster when one of our resident princess ponies at the Green Barn colicked and was very, very sick.… Continue Reading

Worm alert!

All horses are at risk for internal parasite infestation and therefore need to be on a good de-worming regiment.  But with so many options for de-worming, how do you know what’s best for your horse? The following quiz gives great guidelines for whether your horse needs to be on a daily de-wormer or a purge program (strong wormers several times a year).… Continue Reading

Grooming do’s and don’ts!! (and a few NEVERS)

Grooming is the first and most basic of the tasks a new horse lover needs to learn.  Although it seems pretty straight-forward, brush the dirt off, pick the hooves out, comb the hair… there are some do’s, don’ts (and a few NEVERS) to be mindful of.… Continue Reading

Attention horse people…

Awww… beautiful… right??


Horse people… can you tell me what’s wrong with this picturesque scene? (hint, it’s not the brown dead spot where the hay was!)

BUTTERCUPS (aka ranunculus)!!! Every horse owner’s nightmare!!!

These beautiful flowers which cover the fields in a blanket of cheery yellow, contain an enzyme called protoanemonin which is POISONOUS to horses (they cause mouth sores and in extreme cases, colic) and are a HUGE nuisance to the one managing the pasture (ahem, ME!)

Don’t panic though, horses won’t eat the buttercups unless they don’t have plentiful forage available to them (i.e.… Continue Reading

Vaccination Time!

It’s spring!

In addition to the spring cleaning we all feel inclined to do, there is some spring housekeeping (or “horsekeeping,” lol!) that usually takes place… spring vaccines!

Most horses are due for their vaccines each spring and fall (depending on their individual schedule).… Continue Reading

Equine Sports Massage Therapy… Part #2

You might remember a post I wrote several months ago regarding the benefits of Equine Sports Massage Therapy.  Well… benefits there are!! Several months ago a few of our horses had their first sessions, and we are seeing vast improvements in flexibility and behavior.… Continue Reading

The most annoying sound in the world…

…has got to be a cribbing horse.

You walk into the barn, and you’re greeted by the comforting sweet smell of hay and the warmth of the horses’ bodies all tucked in their stalls… the quiet calm of happy ponies munching their dinners… and then…

THE SOUND.… Continue Reading

Feeding 101 – Not a one-size-fits-all affair!

When you’re responsible for horses, one of the main issues you will come across is the struggle in determining the proper nutrition for every horse in your care.  Just like people, all horses have different nutritional needs required to maintain their healthiest weight and fitness level.

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Winter horse hoof care – be proactive not reactive!

I am definitely just about OVER this crazy Tennessee winter… cold, ice, snow, and worst of all, MUD.

Repeat with me… “just a little while longer, just a little while…”

One thing that’s making the winter slightly more bearable is keeping up with proper horse hoof care.  

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Horse bedding 101… I like wood pellets :)

There are tons (no pun intended) of types of bedding available for use of stalled horses.

…and the list goes on.

When trying to decide what type of bedding is going to be best for you AND your horses, it’s important to educate yourself, and make your decision based on cost, time spent cleaning, waste and most importantly how healthy and comfortable it is for your horse.

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