Attention horse people…

Awww… beautiful… right??


Horse people… can you tell me what’s wrong with this picturesque scene? (hint, it’s not the brown dead spot where the hay was!)

BUTTERCUPS (aka ranunculus)!!! Every horse owner’s nightmare!!!

These beautiful flowers which cover the fields in a blanket of cheery yellow, contain an enzyme called protoanemonin which is POISONOUS to horses (they cause mouth sores and in extreme cases, colic) and are a HUGE nuisance to the one managing the pasture (ahem, ME!)

Don’t panic though, horses won’t eat the buttercups unless they don’t have plentiful forage available to them (i.e. hay or grass). My solution?  Feed them a TON, and mow mow mow… get rid of those buttercups!

HAHAHA… I will have the last laugh. They don’t stand a chance against the Exmark Turf Ranger!!!

Ahhh… much better :) I will sleep well tonight.  Peaceful dreams of horses grazing on non-poisonous fields… that, and the fact that i’m as sunburnt as if I was hanging out on the surface of the sun all afternoon!


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