Feeding 101 – Not a one-size-fits-all affair!

When you’re responsible for horses, one of the main issues you will come across is the struggle in determining the proper nutrition for every horse in your care.  Just like people, all horses have different nutritional needs required to maintain their healthiest weight and fitness level.

Whether a “hard-keeper” (difficult to maintain a healthy weight range), an “easy-keeper” (difficult to keep from gaining TOO much weight), a broodmare, foal or senior, performance horse or pleasure; it is usually a dance to keep their weight just right.  Horses are designed to live off the land… but it’s our job to provide that meticulously monitored land to them, and fill in the gaps in nutrients with extra forage, grains and/or supplements.

Between april showers and may flowers (which equals extremely protein-rich pasture grass) to the dead of winter (finding the perfect hay supplier) to all the time and choices in between: grain or no grain, or what kind?  …vitamin supplements, beet pulp, hay pellets or corn oil, one can find themselves slightly overwhelmed.

In this fantastic series “Fix it with Feed,” staff writers from The Chronicle of the Horse pull together to answer some of the most common questions and concerns regarding proper nutrition for all types of horses.

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