Farm Life


Do you remember when I wrote this blog about how much I hate flies last year?

Flies are the worst!!!  …but take how much I hate them, and multiply that by 1,000,000 – that’s how much the horses hate them.

Thank goodness for…

I tried this natural supplement last year with Serenade and a few other horses and was BLOWN AWAY at how great it worked.  … Continue Reading

Welcome “Rayne” to the Green Barn!

So so so excited to give a big, happy WELCOME to “Rayne” and her proud new owner, Gillette!

“Rayne” is an 8-year-old, strawberry roan Quarter Pony mare with the sweetest disposition and a long, flowing blonde mane that all the ladies are jealous of :)  Grayce wanted to make sure and give her a very special welcome… lol!!!  … Continue Reading

Timmy… we’ll love you and miss you always… xo

It’s a sad day at the Green Barn… but when i’m sad it always helps me to remember to have GRATITUDE.

Today, I have gratitude for the amazing, nearly 2 whole years we got to spend with our beloved Timmy.  When he was rescued, I honestly didn’t know if he’d make it until the morning……..… Continue Reading

Welcome to the world little ones… :)

I’m so excited to show off some of the cutest pics ever :)

Haley and her sweet lady Crimson and Clover boarded here at the Green Barn several years ago while Haley was attending school at Vanderbilt, and they BOTH quickly became friends of mine.  … Continue Reading

Absolutely crazy, hilarious geldings!

Sometime there just aren’t words… I love horses :) They always know how to make me laugh!

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Welcome “Prize Moon Jet” to the Green Barn!

About a week ago, a beauty named “Prize Moon Jet” graced our presence here at the Green Barn.

“Moon” as she prefers to be called, is a 16 y.o. Paint mare with one of the prettiest heads i’ve ever seen!  She is sooo sweet, and it’s been my pleasure getting to know her!  … Continue Reading

Dear Harriet…

Dear Harriet…

Words cannot express how brave I think you are.  Standing by your pony’s side just like you did and being there for him when he needed you most was a beautiful sight for me to see.  Mozart knew he was loved by you unconditionally, and that you were the reason his last several years on this Earth were so wonderful.  … Continue Reading

Joy is created at the Barn :)

Kayla, one of our fave boarders (although all our boarders are our faves!) recently posted a blog of pics she took on a beautiful morning at the barn.  Enjoy!

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We have SEAHORSES at the Green Barn!

OK, so today I had probably one of the most fun experiences of my life… not an exaggeration!

HORSE PEOPLE – Have you ever been swimming with your horse?  As you can tell from this picture, I hadn’t.  (I’m kinda excited… and nervous!  … Continue Reading

Summer’s here!!! -bzzzzzzzzz-

What’s that sound?  The sound of summer??  Oh wait, it’s………….


I…… HATE…….FLIES.  But even more than I hate them, the horses hate them!  Every horse owner knows the struggle of bug control in the summer.  I can’t say it enough!!!!  … Continue Reading

Every real farm needs CHICKENS :)

I don’t even really like eggs that much… but ever since we purchased the farm I have been obsessed with the concept of having little chickens running around!  It’s just so FARM-Y!

…sooo you can imagine where this is going!

About 2 months ago Chad and I jumped right in… 6 little fluff-ball pullets (female chicks) arrived at the Green Barn from the local co-op.  … Continue Reading

Aaaaaaachoooo!!!!! (Horse allergies?)

Yes everyone, horses can have allergies too. Especially in MIDDLE TENNESSEE – the allergy capital of the world!

I think we’ve all probably experienced the occasional horse that breaks out in hives or has runny eyes or a (clear) runny nose once in a awhile (ahem… AIDAN!).… Continue Reading

Pasture Management 101

One of the most important things a barn owner needs to be well educated on is pasture management.  It’s simple, really:

Nice pastures = healthy horses and lower costs.

Thin, overgrazed pastures = very expensive hay/grain bills, MUCH more work, and a less “natural” environment for your horses.… Continue Reading

2nd Annual Green Barn Christmas Celebration!

This past weekend, we hosted our 2nd Annual Green Barn Christmas Celebration!  A wonderful time was had by all!!!

Although the delicious food and desserts were all a HUGE hit, the star of the show was, by far, my homemade “Chicken Nookle Soup.”

This recipe has been in my family for years and years…  and since I was asked a million times, I promised some of my boarders I would totally share the secret.  … Continue Reading

I thought we were in the south?

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I was always told “it’s time for the birds to fly south” as we would watch groups of birds fly in synchronous beauty!  But now I live in the south… so what’s up with our birds?  … Continue Reading