You know you’re a horse-person if…

  • You cluck to your car when you go up a hill.
  • Your horse’s hair is in better condition than your own.
  • You refer to your car as “my portable tack room.”
  • You are excited when your friend tells you there is a huge sale at the ‘bridle shop,’ then you are disappointed when you realize they mean the ‘bridal shop.’
  • You have the vet’s number but not your kid’s pediatrician on your speed dial.
  • Your spouse can track dirt into the house all they want, but God help them if they muddy up the tack room.
  • Your house is a mess, but the barn is as neat as a pin.
  • Your nice clothes are the ones without horsehair all over them.
  • You have to go to your friend’s wedding wearing riding clothes because you took too long at the barn.

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