You can never be too prepared for colic…

Colic in horses is an umbrella term which specifically refers to “abdominal pain,” more specifically an obstruction or twist within the GI system

…and if you look at the picture, there is quite a bit of GI system to get twisted!

Although we all get tummy-aches from time to time, colic in a horse can be extremely dangerous and is actually the leading cause of premature death.  There are about a billion different types and causes of colic, but the symptoms are typically the same.  In 100% of cases, recognizing the symptoms and quickly beginning treatment can be and often is a true LIFE SAVER.

In fact, just 2 weeks ago our beloved Grandpa Grey was manifesting signs of colic… but thankfully due to early detection and proper treatment, Grandpa Grey has lived to see another day!!  Hooray!!

If you are fortunate enough to spend some of your time caring for horses, you should definitely have a Colic Emergency Checklist on hand.  You’ll be thankful you were prepared, trust me. :)

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