“Who’s gonna open the gate?” A breed profile :)

Answers to the age-old question: “who’s gonna open the gate?”

  • Lipizzaner: “No need for opening it! When are you all going to learn how to fly?!”
  • Thoroughbred: “Let’s wait for the gate to open – when the bell rings!”
  • Paint: “Yeah, what he said! Na na na na na na!”
  • Arabian: “You’ll have to get somebody else to do it. My nails aren’t dry!” (hahaha, I know this is true.  I own an Arab!)
  • Quarter Horse: “Maybe if I push on it with my hindquarters, I could open it?”
  • Standardbred: “Pity on all of you. I’ll figure it out. Just give me some time.”
  • Polo Pony: “Wait a minute… let me get my stick and give it a few whacks.”
  • Shetland Pony: “Let me at it! I’ll break the stupid thing and then you all can get outta my face.”
  • Mules: “Oh, let’s just pack it in and call it a day.”
  • Saddlebred: “Now, now. I’ll open it, if someone could help me with my shoes?!”
  • Friesian: “I’ll do it! But do you think it will mess up my hair?”
  • Mustang: “What’s a gate?”
  • Belgian: “Step back! You all aren’t strong enough to do it. I’ll do it.” (…busts it down…)
  • Morgan: “There, there. I’ll do it for you. No need to have such a big fit. Peace be with all of you. Is there anything else I could do for you after I get done with the gate?”
  • Appaloosa: “Oh, hush all of you! Ya big bunch of sissies. No one is leaving ’till I say so.”
  • Percheron: “I already opened the gate while you all have been arguing! I even went down the next row and opened all the other gates.”

*Courtesy of leadmare.com

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