What a week!!

I definitely need to preface this post by reiterating – “I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!”

I absolutely adore the horses, enjoy working with them every day, and truly am excited to get up every morning and hear their nickers when it’s time to feed them…

…but every once in a while you just have one of those weeks.

And this past week was MOST DEFINITELY one of those!!

Monday after the AM feeding, I spent the majority of the day at the emergency clinic getting xrays after my finger got caught in Serenade’s lead rope, leading to this…

for those who are interested, I fractured my middle phalanx… sigh… and owwww…

Later in the day Monday, we had massive weather systems and tornados move through our area.  Although we (the horses and I!!) made it through safely, I ended up having to spend half the day Tuesday repairing the brand new cross-fence Chad and I had put up just days before!!!  ARGH!!! Although the posts were in tact, 200 ft of wire blew down and tangled into a big ball.  Needless to say that took me quite awhile to fix… alone… with a broken finger!!


THEN (yes, there’s more)… I ended up having to nurse my right wrist all week, as I hurt it, overcompensating, while fixing the fence!!  It still hurts!!!

And if that wasn’t enough… while mowing the pastures on Saturday (and subsequent sunburn, though I was wearing SPF 50 and a big HAT!!), a big fat ROCK flew up and slammed me in the face! GEESH!  But being the optimist I am, however, I continually remind myself it could have been worse… at least I didn’t lose an eyeball!  LOL!

Let’s just say, i’m thanking God for Monday!!!  I really need a fresh start!!!

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