Welcome “Cody” and Trish to the Green Barn!

I love meeting new personalities and those who are full of life, and neither “Cody,” nor Trish disappoint!  Trish is the sweetest ever and Cody has his “grumpy ‘ole man” persona working for him in spades.  I’m sure you can’t tell at all by the looks he gives… lol!!!  I ADORE them both and am so happy they are here with us!


Cody is an 18-year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding who has seen his share of the trails around our beautiful rolling hills!  When Cody first arrived though, he was a tad bit unsettled… he just didn’t seem comfortable.  That was… until… he met the love of his life… Moon.

And she truly is his sun, “Moon” and stars… LOL!!!  :)


Now all is well!  It’s also cute that they are twinsies :)  **cue the sappy music**

Welcome Cody and Trish!!!  We are so glad you’re here!

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