Welcome “Aladdin” and the Lord Family to the Green Barn!


Did somebody say “this horse needs rescued?”  Less than a month ago I heard these words…

Meet “001 – Bay Gelding.”  He was awaiting a tragic end to his life in a kill shelter in Pennsylvania.


That is until…

…the Lord family came to the rescue!!!  After many miles of travel, layovers, sickness and exhaustion, the sweet boy came home to the Green Barn.


The Lord’s have been a God-send to this Arabian gelding.  They saved his life, gave him a name and gave him a purpose – to be this OTHER boy’s best friend.


~Niko & Aladdin~

I am so thankful to be a party to watching this amazing bond grow between boy (and entire family) and horse.  Aladdin is getting healthier and stronger every day.  He is even beginning to show off his moves :)


I can’t believe it’s only been a few weeks since this beautiful new family joined our Green Barn family.  It feels like we’ve known each other forever :) …I couldn’t be happier!


Welcome Aladdin, Laticia, Dennis, Niko and Gilette to the Green Barn FAMILY!!! :-D

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