Trypzyme for proud flesh

Don’t be proud of proud flesh!  It’s not a good thing!

Proud flesh is an excess growth of granulated tissue that can grow over a very deep, open wound.  Since the tissue is necrotic, the horse doesn’t feel pain even though the growth is pretty nasty looking… but it must be addressed as it will keep growing and growing and attacking the healthy tissue around it.  The underlying wound can’t heal.  The best way to treat proud flesh is to prevent it, by stitching closed a healthy wound margin.  Some wounds, however, can’t be stitched shut because of the nature of the injury.  If proud flesh does develop, it will need to be treated with medication, and in some severe cases may need to be surgically removed.

The following pic is deep cut Glinda sustained a few months ago.  POOR BABY!

The cut on her leg was VERY deep and in a prime location for proud flesh to develop.  Which it did!  Thankfully we were able to treat it without outside veterinary care.

This is what proud flesh looks like:

The absolute BEST product i’ve used to treat proud flesh was introduced to me years ago when I worked closely with a neuroscientist at Vanderbilt.  Luckily for Glinda, I still had some of it lying around!  After just 1 application of  Trypzyme-V to the proud flesh, the wound began to open back up and healing began to take place.  Although it works WONDERS – be careful with this product.  Do not get it on your hands, or any of the horse’s surrounding skin as it can attack healthy tissue, just as it attacks the proud flesh.

I’m not proud of proud flesh, but i’m proud to say that Glinda has healed – 100%!!

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