Here come the carrots!

Sorry that i’ve been MIA for a week!  :)  The thing about having a barn is that when I go missing for awhile, don’t panic!  It’s not actually bad news, it’s just that i’m sooooooo busy I don’t have time to write!  It took me about 3-4 days just to recover from the barn work weekend!

Probably one of the most exciting parts of last week’s barn work weekend was the prepping of our long-awaited carrot patch!

One of the plans i’ve had in place from the opening of the Green Barn was to grow organic carrots using our very own composted manure… can you imagine how much the horses will love that?  A snack bar right outside their stall door!  :)

Thanks to Mel Bartholomew’s revolutionary gardening method, Square Foot Gardening allows for 608 carrots planted in this raised bed.

And I have to tell you, our homemade compost couldn’t be any better!  Check out the perfectly-neutral pH.  People pay major bucks for this!!! And we are blessed to have 9 “compost makers” right on site… lol!

So you know me, now I need to learn everything there is to know about growing carrots… is my new BFF!

Stay tuned for carrot updates!!  Or, stop by for a snack! :)

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