Evie’s Misfortune… with a Happy Ending!

I was called in for help last month in rehabbing a sweet babe named Evie who found herself in a heap of trouble when she chowed down on a bunch of leaves from a Red Maple tree.


It’s such an odd thing – this toxicity – it’s well known to most horse owners that Red Maple leaves are toxic, but no one really knows why… and the other weird thing is that the leaves aren’t toxic if ingested while live, it’s when the leaves fall off the tree and wilt that they become dangerous…?? …so weird!

It’s also good to know that most horses will NOT ingest things that are particularly harmful to them, that is, unless they don’t have anything else to eat… or they are particularly curious little ponies!

…and that was the case for sweet Evie.  A large branch fell down in the pasture where she was being kept and she just couldn’t help herself :) Thankfully her owners are fabulous people and Evie is part of their family!  When they recognized she was laying down and very sick (weak, jaundiced, blood in urine) they rushed her to Tennessee Equine Hospital.


The wonderful vets at TN Equine immediately knew what to do… so thankful for their swift intervention!  They treated her with blood transfusions and IV fluids for 10 days until I picked her up and continued to care for her at my barn for about 6 weeks.


So thankful to report that Evie was able to make a full recovery :)  Here’s what she had to say about the whole ordeal…


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