Welcome “Sly” and Cindy to the Green Barn!

More new faces!!!  Yay!


We are soooo excited to welcome “Sly” and owner, Cindy, to the Green Barn!!! Sly is a GORGEOUS and equally as SWEET 8 y.o. dark bay mustang gelding with quite an amazing background. Cindy adopted him as a young, completely green, unbroken horse from the actual mustang round-up out in Colorado, and has spent the past few years riding and training in the eventing discipline. The 2 of them have such a special bond, and i’m so thankful I get to be a spectator!!!

Sly has settled in perfectly.  Check out this video of Sly meeting his new friends for the first time and specifically dethroning “Moose” from his position as alpha gelding!  (I’m narrating and explaining herd dynamics to another boarder…)

Welcome Sly and Cindy!  Can’t wait to ride together this summer!


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