Welcome “Applejack” and “Bella” to the Green Barn!

I am so excited to welcome “Applejack” (left) and “Bella” (right) to the Green Barn!  These 6-year-old mustang beauties are both visiting all the way from Maine, while their owners Marianne and Jon visit the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee!  It’s so exciting for me to have the opportunity to take care of this sweet pair for the next month.  I haven’t had very much (any, actually!) experience working with mustangs, especially ones that were adopted at age 3 from a free-roaming feral herd in Nevada!  They are so sweet, and so well behaved.  Natural horsemanship training has definitely worked its magic!!

I’ve already told Marianne that i’ll be in tears when it’s time for them to go home… i’m officially attached! :)

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