Do you remember when I wrote this blog about how much I hate flies last year?

Flies are the worst!!!  …but take how much I hate them, and multiply that by 1,000,000 – that’s how much the horses hate them.

Thank goodness for…


I tried this natural supplement last year with Serenade and a few other horses and was BLOWN AWAY at how great it worked.  There were virtually no flies around the treated horses vs. the horses that were treated with just fly spray alone.  This season we expanded to treating ALL the Green Barn horses with Bug Check!

Containing garlic, grape seed, brewers yeast and diatomaceous earth, this supplement emits a powerful odor which when the horses sweat, turns bugs AWAY.

Unfortunately, about half-way thru the summer the flies decided they weren’t as bothered by the BugCheck, and they came back with a VENGEANCE. So, desperate times called for desperate measures… “serious fly control.”  :)


There’s a new product on the market that’s beginning to get a lot of press – FLY ELIMINATORS.  Fly eliminators are non-stinging parasitic wasps that we release around the barn and they eat the flies as they are in their larvae stage.  Seriously weird – but seriously awesome!!!!!  They are delivered to my door on a 3 week schedule, we wait for them to “hatch” and then we all scream “1-2-3 NOT IT” about who’s going to have the lovely task of spreading these stinky little crawling guys around… :)


BUT — IT IS WORTH IT!!!  …lol and it’s really not that bad :)  Now we are seriously in a fly-free zone.  It has made a HUGE difference!  Thanks ARBICO ORGANICS!! (…and to Laticia for the GREAT idea!!)

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